Digital Transformation and Impact of Covid-19

What are the trends that marketers need to take into account while securing successful continuity of their businesses provided an extensive overview of various industries and marketing technologies?No angle of the marketing world changes faster than digital marketing. As new technology arrives and old dogs grandfathered out, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new different trends in the industry.As the current health crisis is changing consumer behaviour and marketing approaches in particular, what are the benefits of marketing technologies and key challenges in implementing them?What are the trends that marketers need to take into account while securing successful continuity of their businesses provided an extensive overview of various industries and marketing technologies?

What the Digital sphere discovered since the first Covid-19 case was reported in Kenya was 2 different approaches – a couple of industries were overwhelmed with orders (groceries, household goods, pet supplies, pharmacy, and general merchandise) while a good chunk lacked orders and interactions (automotive, furniture, luxury, appliances, and hospitality where I have first-hand information). What a disruptor. In the discovery and evaluation part of the journey, search engines, social media feeds, and influencers have become popular ways for shoppers to get product inspiration outside a brand’s properties. In the buying part of the journey, there are new types of purchase points that have emerged. Mobile wallets are behind e-mail as a place to discover preferred products and make purchases. E-commerce sales in 2020 accounted for 14 % of total sales and these purchases are coming through social media. The Pandemic has introduced a new environment, where unified channels and customer service are more important than ever. The market has been turned anti-clockwise – as non-essential businesses had to close their doors to help slow the spread of Covid-19, retailers and shoppers alike had to pivot overnight to a digital-only reality. Digital sales for the technology savvy brands has of late reported growth of substantial percentage in 2020 compared to 2019 as traffic increased in their platforms at an alarming rate. Marketing technologies however can help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing activities. Companies who are the fastest and more flexible in adapting to the new reality will have a huge advantage in the market and will become industry leaders the others will have to follow. For that, Digital Marketing is essential in this new race and has to be recognized as a market leader. It brings more business, new customers and more importantly, it creates and strengthens customer loyalty for the brand.

Marketing trends and ideas you need to consider:

Companies are going through these phases at different rates, each having its own pace. Sometimes, they even have different teams or departments within the company working depending on which phase the company is going through. Within each stage, I believe it’s important to focus on solutions for your leadership, your employees, and your customers, so you can ultimately have that business continuity you’re looking for. Most companies, need to stabilize during rapid unexpected change – focusing on employee health and safety, financial stability, and operational decisions. It’s all about managing the crisis as quickly as you can. During this crisis, having new and regularly updated data is more important than ever. Building a data culture will help employees and customers understand why you’re making trustworthy decisions during COVID-19.

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