Giants of Africa Festival (GOA Festival)

The Giants of Africa Festival took place August 13th – 19th, 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda, and from the very moment it unfolded, our hearts swelled with pride and anticipation as we united 250 youth from 16 diverse African nations. A combination of basketball, entertainment, culture, and education began, bringing to life the immense potential within the next generation.

Just ahead of the festival launch, we hosted an International Youth Day Forum sponsored by Dani Reiss, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and the Imbuto Foundation, bringing together 2,000 youth from across Rwanda to BK Arena for an afternoon of inspiration and education, with guest speakers such as Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Dallaire, leadership lessons, music, and an afternoon of togetherness. We were also honoured by the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Jeannette Kagame. During her speech, she called the youth the “gems of Africa” and urged them to “invest in your shine.”

On August 13th, the Giants of Africa Festival’s opening ceremony celebration kicked off the week with a captivating spectacle, where each team made their entrance in a manner reminiscent of the Olympic Games. With an air of national pride, they walked the BK Arena floor in their traditional garments, embodying the spirit of their respective countries.

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