Kenvest hospitality group launches two new African-centric hotel brands in Diani

Kenvest Hospitality Group has launched two hotel brands, BOXO and LALA, in Diani Beach, Kenya.

These new brands mark Kenvest Hospitality Group’s first foray into the Kenyan hospitality sector, bringing innovative and African-centric concepts to cater to the discerning needs of today’s travellers.

LALA, the first brand, presents a unique hotel experience designed for the modern professional seeking a harmonious work-life balance.

Located on a picturesque beachfront property in Diani, LALAGALU offers 14 consciously designed ‘pods’ that provide an intimate connection with nature.

Each pod has been meticulously curated to foster relaxation, mindfulness, and productivity. Guests can enjoy dedicated wellness areas, serene gardens, comfortable workstations, and a range of rejuvenating amenities, including an in-house fitness studio, yoga by the sea, bike riding, and a tranquil spa.

LALAGALU also embraces the farm-to-table concept, offering delectable meals crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients that cater to diverse dietary preferences.

The design of LALAGALU harmoniously blends authentic craftsmanship, technology, art, and culture, creating a serene atmosphere with natural materials such as reclaimed wood, stone, and earthy textures. The property showcases a curated collection of art, including miniature sculptures by Kenyan artist 3D MOGUL addressing the issue of non-biodegradable ocean waste, as well as augmented reality yoga poses by Pakistani visual artist ABDUL REHMAN.

BOXO, the second brand, is committed to providing accessible and affordable accommodation for today’s cost-conscious travelers. BOXO DIANI features 25 cozy rooms made from repurposed shipping containers, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Thoughtfully designed interiors maximize space utilization, offering comfortable furniture, clever storage solutions, dedicated workstations, and modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and functional living space for guests.

BOXO DIANI has a central pool, themed activities, and the all-day dining restaurant FATFATS with its innovative ‘build-your-own’ menu concept; creating a fun-filled and memorable experience for guests.

The design style of BOXO DIANI exudes modern, bold styling with vibrant focal points, promoting joy and social connection. Strategically located on Galu Beach, the hotel offers convenience and accessibility, with the beach just a short 5-minute walk away.

“We are thrilled to introduce our two new African-centric hotel brands, LALA and BOXO, to the Kenyan market, offering transformative guest experiences,” said MIKE VARNEY, CEO of Kenvest Hospitality Group. “Our concepts have been carefully developed to meet the expectations of the modern African traveller. Through our commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and community engagement, we aim to usher in a new era of local hospitality and foster a meaningful connection between guests and their surroundings.”

Kenvest Hospitality Group’s entry into the Kenyan hospitality sector represents a significant milestone in providing innovative and purposeful accommodations that cater to the diverse needs of travellers.

BOXO and LALA are poised to redefine the hotel experience in Diani Beach, offering unique and memorable stays that combine comfort, sustainability, and a genuine connection with the local culture and environment.

Scheduled growth plans for BOXO will focus on expansion across strategic African cities. Guests will be able to experience the LALA brand in the Maasai Mara and Champagne Ridge, Kenya.

source:Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

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