My Adventure in Uganda!

In April 2023, I embarked on an unforgettable journey to Uganda, a trip that not only expanded my horizons but also filled my heart with remarkable experiences and unforgettable memories. My name is Gustave Sugira, and I am the Founder & CEO of SNG Events, an event planning company based in Kigali, Rwanda. While I often traveled to Uganda for business, this particular visit was a perfect blend of both business and adventure, offering me a new perspective on this remarkable country.

Opening Ceremony – POATE 2023

The 7th Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE2023) was the primary reason for my visit. This prestigious event took place from the 26th to the 29th of April 2023 at the exquisite Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. From the moment I landed at Entebbe International Airport on the 25th of April, I was warmly welcomed by the Uganda Tourism Board officers, who transferred me to Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort with utmost hospitality.

The following three days were filled with engaging meetings with exhibitors and potential business partners. Technical workshops and presentations were organized, providing invaluable insights and networking opportunities. The event was an exceptional experience that showcased the beauty and potential of Uganda’s tourism industry.

After the Expo, it was time for the post-event tour, an aspect of my trip that truly made it an adventure to remember. I had the privilege of exploring some of Uganda’s most breathtaking destinations and partaking in thrilling activities.

Kampala Night Tour:

On the 26th of April, the Uganda Tourism Board organized the Kampala Night Tour for Hosted Buyers. This unique excursion allowed us to immerse ourselves in the vibrant nightlife of Kampala. We strolled through lively streets, visited charming shops, and experienced the city’s nightlife in its nightclubs, complete with enchanting music, dances, and refreshing drinks.

A Night at Ndere Cultural Centre:

On the 27th of April, we had the opportunity to visit the Ndere Cultural Centre for a night to remember. Here, we were treated to traditional music, dances, and delightful cuisine. Dr. Stephen Rwangyezi, our talented MC for the evening, welcomed guests from all around the world with heartwarming stories about Uganda and captivating displays of traditional dances and music. This night left an indelible mark on all of us.

Post Event Tour:

The Uganda Tourism Board had organized familiarization trips, both pre and post-event. I eagerly joined one of the post-event tours, which took us to Jinja City, known as the adventure capital of East Africa.

Zip Lining in Mabira Forest:

Our journey led us to Mabira Forest, Uganda’s largest forest, nestled in Jinja. Here, we embarked on an exhilarating zip-lining adventure. After a safety briefing from our tour guides and instructors, we trekked through the lush forest for about 20 minutes to reach the base camp. The zip-lining experience, soaring above the forest canopy, was nothing short of life-changing.

White Water Rafting:

The following day, we delved into the thrilling world of white water rafting, an activity that carries a sense of adventure and a touch of risk. Navigating the turbulent waters of the Nile, the longest river in Africa, was an emotional rush. Our expert instructors at the Tulina Riverside camp ensured our safety, providing clear commands for handling the rapids and steering our rafts through the exciting challenges.

Quad Bike Uganda:

On the third day, we hopped on quad bikes and embarked on a thrilling journey through the local community. The highlight, for me, was the heartwarming smiles and waves from the local children as we traversed the jungle trails. Quad biking was an activity that appealed to both adults and kids, adding a delightful touch to our adventure.

Bungee Uganda:

For the grand finale of our adventure, we witnessed the brave souls who took on the challenge of bungee jumping, an activity that involves jumping from great heights while attached to an elastic cord. While I chose to spectate, it was truly exhilarating to watch the fearless individuals who embraced this daring feat.

My adventure in Uganda, filled with incredible experiences and the warm embrace of the Ugandan people, will forever hold a special place in my heart. Indeed, Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, a land of endless possibilities and natural wonders.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire fantastic team of the Uganda Tourism Board for hosting us during these ten unforgettable days. This journey has left an indelible mark, and I can’t wait to return to explore more of Uganda’s beauty and hospitality.

Gustave Sugira

Founder & CEO

SNG Events

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