South African Tourism Invites Travellers From North Europe To Live South Africa! In New Campaign

Travellers from the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden place high priority on sustainability and responsible tourism, and South African Tourism North Europe Hub have launched a Live South Africa! campaign, focused on inviting travellers from the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden to recognize that coming to South Africa is a responsible tourism behavior in itself.

The Netherlands, as the biggest market out of this hub and the fourth largest market out of Europe, recorded 54 083 arrivals in the period of January to June 2023. This number is significant as it places the Netherlands at 93% towards the 2019 arrivals numbers by comparison to the same period. Other markets within this hub are Belgium and Sweden, recording 19 087 and 12 660 arrivals for January to June 2023 respectively.

Sustainable travel as a driver for consumers travel choices is a key trend out of Europe, with the North Europe region having led this conversation since 2018 when the flight shaming movement out of Sweden was highlighted.

Acting Hub Head: North Europe – Abby Jacobs, notes that “The North European Hub focus, based on this trend and insight, is to recognise values-based marketing as a lever to reach consumers that are driving the sustainable tourism conversation”.

She continues that “Authentic South African values of inclusivity, ubuntu and diversity, putting people at the centre, are a central premise of this campaign, and are then linked to the motivation behind what drives responsible tourism choices for North Europe travellers”.

Jacobs further states that: “tourism businesses are pivotal in showcasing our exceptional experiences that travellers want, and as such, have deliberately been placed at the centre of this campaign”.

South African Tourism North Europe Hub collaborated with six tourism businesses from various provinces across the country; both small and established; to highlight what responsible tourism means and showcases these products in their campaign that has launched this week. The tourism businesses are Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers, Wowzulu, Sani Pass backpackers, Juma Art Tours,

Kwalata Game Lodge and Diemersfontein wine and country Estate, highlighting Thokozani wines. A variety of content pieces have been put together showcasing these products, and the 45 second versions of these videos can be viewed here:

South African Tourism North Europe team has created a “tips map” that focuses on local tips. This map is live, and members of the travel trade are encouraged to visit this map and include your additional tips to ensure your product is showcased. Please add your tip at the following link:

This comes in response to the insights that indicate that travellers from this region want to travel like a local would in destinations that they visit.

This launch is one of many phases where the North Europe team will place South African Tourism businesses at the centre of what gets showcased to consumers. Tourism is a significant contributor to the economy and inclusive growth, these initiatives are testament of South African Tourism’s deliberate focus on collaboration with trade, promoting diversity initiatives and providing market access for businesses while ramping up demand through media investment leveraging a “live South Africa” North Europe campaign. More exciting plans to invite and inspire travelers to come to South Africa are underway for the year ahead. More collaboration initiatives and opportunities will be communicated in the coming few weeks.

source:South African Tourism Invites Travellers From North Europe To Live South Africa! In New  Campaign – OloriSuperGal

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