Technology Solutions That Reach Resort Guests Everywhere They Want to Be

Mobile solutions are the key to enhancing the guest experience today, and technology companies are answering the call by providing hoteliers with new, innovative options to support their operations. A new generation of mobile solutions is extending guest service to the beach, pool, golf course and outdoor event space, giving guests a good reason to stay on your property and enjoy all it has to offer. They may stop by the gift shop to replace the sunglasses they left at the airport, but from there… the outdoors is where they want to be.Mobile solutions are the key to enhancing the guest experience today, and technology companies are answering the call by providing hoteliers with new, innovative options to support their operations and boost guest satisfaction levels. Guests are ready to return to travel, and they are hungry for fun activities – especially those that are outdoors.

From event venues to golf courses, to pools and beaches, guests want the ability to explore your entire hotel property and eat and drink wherever they are. They want to reserve a seat at the beach without having to put a towel on a chair early in the morning. They want to swim with the dolphins on Saturday, jet skis on Sunday, and paddleboards Monday through Wednesday. To stay competitive, resorts need to deliver on all these desires with technology that enables fun!

While mobile solutions have already made a huge difference to the hospitality industry with digital keys, mobile check-in/out, mobile ordering and digital payment options, now technology providers are elevating mobile solutions even further. By providing solutions that enable personalized service everywhere guests want to be on the property, hotels are attracting more guests (and the best talent, but I’ll get to that), enhancing guest service, and creating new revenue streams.According to Tourism Minister Najib Balala, the Kenyan government expects the recovery of tourism to continue in 2022. Tourism revenue in 2022 is estimated at 173 billion shillings (about $1.5 billion).

Hotels that are finding new ways to entice guests to their properties and encourage them to take advantage of the many services, amenities and activities that they have available will welcome not only more guests than their competition but perhaps, more importantly, the most profitable guests – those prepared to spend generously on food, drinks and fun things to do. Now that leisure and business travellers are returning, hotels and resorts must have new technologies in place to provide effortless guest service as well as exceptional experiences that turn a few days away from home into a vacation to remember.

At the same time, hotel staff needs to be armed with the tools to enable those experiences and maximize revenue across the entire property. By integrating new technologies like available-everywhere mobile POS solutions and amenity booking solutions that allow guests to reserve beach chairs the same seamless way they book their hotel room, resorts can modernize operations, and radically improve guest service. Happy guests mean higher checks, better tips, and the loyalty of the best of the best in hospitality talent.

How New Technologies are Changing Guest Service Today

Mobile solutions are a fact of life everywhere – hotels and resorts are no exception. Guests are comfortable booking their room via their laptop, using their phone as their room key, and casting their own content to their in-room TV. To remain competitive, hoteliers need to continue to explore innovative mobile technologies to meet (and exceed) ever-changing guest expectations and help their staff provide exceptional personalized service.One way to do that is to go where the guest is to better serve them. Your guests are not staying in their rooms. They want to enjoy everything your hotel or resort has to offer, and you want to encourage them to reserve services, book activities, and spend more money on food and beverages everywhere on the property. There are mobile solutions available today that can provide hotels with the ability to reach guests across the entirety of the property. Today’s technology providers are extending the arm of Wi-Fi by tapping into cellular service and offering solutions that integrate with existing POS systems. Hotel properties are realizing they can reach their guests wherever they are and optimize their existing systems without having to replace them.Extending the reach of service by implementing solutions that are enabled by modern cellular networks, gives guests and staff access to activities and food and beverage (F&B) options outside the range of traditional Wi-Fi. These solutions are designed for movement and outdoor use, where servers use sunlight-friendly mobile tablets instead of fixed terminals. Let’s take a look at some of the new technology options that enhance the guest experience across the whole property and allow resort staff to spend more time serving your guests.

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